2013 - Built
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Facts + Figuress
LocationKaraj, Iran
Date Of Design2011
Date Of Completion2013
Height18 m

Architect Hassan Soltanpour
Nick Name Amin Soltanpour
Company Soltanpour Studio


The functional strategy of the design in this land that receives light in both north and south sides, put the private zone in the north side and the public zone in the south side, both with ideal light. The service zone was located between these two parts. Having faced the function like this, we caused such clearness in planning, without any complicated expression. This clarity is presented in the facade too, by unifying the body elements of the project (facade, roof, the wall of parking floor and the yard). The outcome was a double-skin glass façade. This panoramic façade has made a completely transparent shell in the wall. By designing a middle space between the outdoor bright environment and the hall, the connection of inside and outside the building was purified.

Post tension structure is used in this building to provide longer spans and more useful spaces inside the building. Using this structure brought out other advantages, like having the best parking spaces and also preparing the better layout for inner spaces. Heating packages and ducted splits are used as heating and cooling systems in this project. To remove the radiators, the geyser of the package was linked to coil of the splits, so that all the heating and cooling systems were located in the suspended ceiling space


Design Features
- Using post tension structure to eliminate the central columns
- Using a buffer space which is a link between the outdoor environment and inner space, and also is a suitable place for sitting and watching the outside of the building
- Locating balconies for having more communication with the outdoor environment
- Opting glass as the material of the balconies to prevent from breaking the harmony of the transparent facade of the building
- Consistency in presenting the external elements; Using the specific forms in linking the elements, in the façade of the project


2014Me’mar Award | FourthMemar magazine -

2013Khak Award - Alborz Municipal | First placeAlborz Broadcasting Network-Karaj municipality-Islamic city council of Alborz

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