2018 - Concept Design
Facts + Figuress
Date Of Design2017
Height3 M
StatusConcept Design
... The Shadows (Hiroshima Atomic Bombardment Remembrance)

In a world where its elements formulate in a general equilibrium. Light and shadows generally produce pleasant experiences for humans. In the science of physics, light, shadow and object as 3 variables lie in the same synchronous relationship, in such a way that at one particular time each of them is dependent on another, and these are the trilogues fixed in physics. The plot we are discussing is a wall that is composed of shadows that sometimes form a combination of these trilogy and sometimes deliberately shatter it and shadows such as graffiti art (wall painting) as Artifact will form.What is clear is that the natural shades will be the product of the same physical laws and seemingly realistic worlds of humanity, but more artifacts have been experienced in images created in paintings, graphics and cinema. Images whose presence of light and object as the two main elements of the appearance of the shadow are eliminated. These shadows, along with natural shadows, will try to disturb the rules in the mind of the audience.our view, this is a painting, a graphic effect. The creative mind of human beings . our view, this is a painting, a graphic effect. The creative mind of human beings !!!


On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb fired over Hiroshima, after the explosion of a bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities, was recorded in some areas due to the intensity of the blast and light shadow of bodies and humans on the levels, which was the only sign that They stayed.A few seconds after the light was shining and the shadows recorded, they reached the explosion and heat wave and turned it into ash and steam. This caused the shadow of the bodies to remain on urban elements for a long time.Such events may be a source of insight into the impact of human thought and its nature on the recording of a variety of unnatural events in the world.

Rience the shadows when the light reaches infinity!

There is not Salvador Dolly here to imagine, nor the photoshop that he picks, nor the camera that they record, but they are surreal roles in our realistic world, which have shaped the nature of mankind and the will of human beings.

Architect Hassan Soltanpour
Nick Name Amin Soltanpour
Company Soltanpour Studio


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